pic: Spartonics 1503 - 2011

Team 1503’s entry for LOGO MOTION, featuring a single-speed six-wheel drive, a single-jointed arm for feeder pickup, and a pneumatic pinch claw.

Deployment system and minibot were off for improvement at the time the photo was taken.

I neglected to mention that the robot’s name is SPARDIS (Scoring Points At Relative Dimensions In Space).

More pictures from the final weekend of build can be found here.

+1 Doctor Who

There is a bit of a backstory to this robot.

After the 2010 season, we took a step back and evaluated it as a whole and looked at our mistakes. We discovered that last year we tried to do too much, and ultimately exhausted our design and machining resources to the point of actually never finishing our 2010 robot.

So, this year we set out with a goal in mind: Build the absolute simplest robot possible to play the 2011 game.

This is our simplest creation to date.

Also, even with our current minibot deployment mechanism, we’re 15 lbs underweight.


The lightening in the arm support structure is pretty cool. Love the colors too.

Thank you. One of our mentors actually made punches for this, and we actually flange the edges of the lightening holes out. This makes the individual pieces much much stronger.


I have to say I’m a fan of the little light up display at the top of the arm. Is this purely decorative, or designed to tell the Feeder what tube to give you?



Sounds eerily familiar.

It’s a @#@#@#@# shame we won’t be doing any double slamma jammas this year.

@ chris WHATT!!!
The robot looks really cool +1 also on the DR.Who reference.

So, this year we set out with a goal in mind: Build the absolute simplest robot possible to play the 2011 game.


You will find that you will never stray away from this strategy ever again … I think you will be very happy with your decision.

Good luck this year.


Thank you Paul, we’re already reaping the benefits of a ridiculously simple robot.

Good luck to you this year as well.


Nick, Pat, 1503, the robot looks excellent.

Any Plans to add a floor pickup mechanism?

I think they will wait to see what the best strategy out on the field will be before they add anything. I have a feeling the smart teams will throw tubes as little often as possible.

Looks and works like a beast guys. Best of luck on the field this year, Nick. Show folks why you’re one of the best drivers in frc.

Exactly. We’ll reevaluate after our first regional.


The floor pickup mechanism is an inside joke between Nick and I. :wink:

From what I’ve heard, they don’t need it. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is what team 422 learned. Build a complex and ultimately failing robot in 2008, then build a ridiculously simple robot and win 2009 Quality Award and become 2010 Regional Finalists. Simplicity is the best design strategy, even in real life engineering.

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Do the lights fade in and out upon teleop initialization? Does it make the oh so awesome TARDIS sound? :yikes:

The lights are used for a variety of things, including but not limited to human player signalling, diagnostics and decoration.

I wish it made that sound.


Beautiful robot 1503! I see big things for you!