pic: Spartonics 1503's finished robot

This is Spartonics 1503’s 2007 robot, “Spartaconda”.

The photo doesn’t show it, but we do have enough ground clearance to climb ramps.

swervedrive systems, multi level scoring, and very shinny. can’t wait to see it in action at GTR

Wow looks really good, swerve drive with a arm similar to your 2005 arm!!! Can’t wait to see how this beast performs :ahh:

The most beautiful robot I’ve seen! And it looks like it could punch as well.

It just isn’t the same when there aren’t 2 others to match it. Looks like the lack of triplets from the Niagra region isn’t makking the bots any less impressive. Congrats guys, I look forward to seeing it in action.

It looks very nice. Approximately how many are you guys capping undefended in 2 minutes?

Wow looks awesome!

Did you guys go off on your own this year?
or are there 2 other twins?

1114 announced earlier that they would not be collaborating designs with 1503 or 1680 (or any other team) this year, although the NiagaraFIRST network is still alive and well, and the teams do share resources.

looks good and i can’t wait to see 1114’s.

Pat! thats a monster!
one of the most professional looking robots ive seen this year, dayum

ps. we still miss you

Silly me, I knew I had forgotten to post something. :slight_smile:


Any details on your swerve drive?

nice… so the triplets are now twins

Very impressive robots! Great job guys.

Found some nice pics in that album of the swerve. Not sure what motor(s) they’re using to steer though.

very solid design can’t wait to see you guys at Waterloo!

Four wheel modules, each containing one CIM, four gears, an encoder, and a 4" by 2" wide IFI traction wheel. The gear ratio is 9.33:1. IIRC, the weight of each module is about 8-9 lbs.

Steering is accomplished with a couple of Globe motors at a 2:1 reduction - the left and right side pairs each turn as a unit, with feedback provided by a pair of absolute encoders (a thank-you goes to Tristan Lall for pointing these out). We’re driving it using a Logitech 3D joystick connected via USB Chicklet.

Somewhere along the way we misunderestimated our weight, so we’re currently sitting at 105 lbs (we’ll be adding 15 lbs of ballast at our first regional).

It looks great. Looking forward to seeing it at GLR!

I’d like to congratulate Team 1503 for their gorgeous 2007 robot. Clearly you learned a lot from our past partnership, and have made an amazing transition into being an strong, self-sustaining team.