pic: Spectrum 3847 CAD for Ultimate Ascent

Latest CAD capture of our Ultimate Ascent Design.

Blog Post with more information

YouTube video of Prototypes

Seems like your cRIO and DSC are a bit exposed… Planning to have any Lexan shielding for them?

Also, I see your hopper, but I don’t see how it shoots.

Watch the video on the blog.

The concept behind this design is pretty cool. Dropping your shooter to the floor and reversing it for loading is definitely a nifty idea.

Also, your lift looks pretty wobbly at mid positions, so I’m assuming you’re planning on running it to the stops at the top to stabilize it for shooting.

Still, that’s going to be a pretty awesome robot if everything works like you’re planning.

Can you score colored discs from the ground?

We think it might be possible, but it’s not high on our priority list. We have a lot of other things to work on first.

Do you have any concerns about being able to collect frisbees that are sitting up against a wall?

I would suggest adding a system so that you will also be able to feed from the feeder station.
Looks nice. Good luck this season.

Looks like another good looking robot there Allen. Wish i could see it in action at lone star again but our team decided to just attend alamo this year. i look forward to seeing it on webcast though

It’s on the list of things to do, our initial plan had the box at the front of the robot but things had to change. We also think that driving head on into a wall is one of the slower ways to get a disc and keep collecting. The goal will be able to drive along the wall and collect instead of driving into it.

It’s on the list as well. Our strategy analysis says there will be more discs on the ground than a lot of people think, or at least we can have our team mates put discs on the ground for us (either on purpose or on accident by missing shots). Driving back to the feeding station is going to draw a lot of defense in the open field. Our goal is to pick up rebounds and lay them up for easy points.

Am I correct in assuming you can pickup in either orientation?

I’m really glad someone tried this method.

I’m thinking the interaction of an upside down frisbee with an already loaded rightside up frisbee will be interesting. Unless they’re doing something more complicated than just shoving the frisbees into each other.

Have you made a successful climb with that lift on the back? (assuming that’s what it is) It looks light, but is it robust enough for the lever-effect of a 120 pound robot?

Thanks for all the posts on CD and the YouTube videos.

It’s not for climbing, it’s for shooting.

Good job guys, your robot looks like its coming along great!
Mind if I ask what makes the discs be pushed up in your hopper? I don’t mean how the disc is drawn in, but rather how it is inserted underneath the current stack of discs?

Does it collect in either orientation? Yes
Does it shoot? Right now no. We have some issues to work out with the paddle geometry but the stacking works fine and we have made prototypes that have pushed out discs in both orientations just a matter of finding the right combination of features to optimize booth shooting and collecting.

No problem, it’s really quite simple and I was surprised when the students came up with it. Basically the piece of material under the stacked discs only extends under about 60% of the disc. From there forward there is a sloping ramp. As the discs hit the ramp they make contact with the collector/shooter wheels and get shot back into the stack under the previous discs. When we fire the lack of a bottom plate doesn’t seem to effect our distance that much.

Is the shooter able to angle or are you just going for 2? Because of height restrictions and stuff.

Yes it will, thanks to Brian from your team sending us hex shaft couplers. If you look in the CAD that is what the versaplanetary on the side of the box is for. There will be surgical tubing as well helping to balance the box.

Thank you Blackhawk for being awesome and offering to make the pieces for us.

We posted a video of our floor collection tests from today.