pic: Spectrum 3847 - Gamma Ray 2013

Here is our robot for Ultimate Ascent.

Check our Youtube channel for videos of our tests and prototypes.

Also our blog 3847.blogspot.com has more information about Gamma Ray.

We’ll be competing at Lone Star (Week 2) and Bayou (Week 4).


What’s up with the white??? No purple?

Looks good, I am assuming the white will be to offset all the purple lights:)

You mean haze?

Their robot moves so fast that it changes colour due to the Dopler Effect. By rapidly alternating between driving away from the viewer (Redshift) and driving toward the viewer (Blueshift), they can make the viewer see it in their traditional purple colour.

Sweet. So they can use the sonic booms to knock opponents frisbees out of the air.

You are probably right. I suspect that the effect would be like what we see with the lady at 1:07 in the video below.


I also recall overhearing their team members talking about using the colour changes to confuse the drivers on the oposing alliances.

Our robots are always white. Home Depot doesn’t sell purple aluminum spray paint. Plus our powder coater has a much better turn around time and does it for us cheaper because he does white jobs all the time and can just throw our stuff in with it.

We’ll have purple lights at some point in the season but that’s always the last thing that goes on the robot. Everything else has to work first.