pic: Spectrum Prototype 10 Point Hang Device

A very simple way to get 10 points in Ultimate Ascent. Doesn’t require anything but a drive train. Literally can be built in minutes. Should be a very fast hang, as you just drive at the pyramid.

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Do you by chance have a video of this. I had the same idea and am very interested in seeing it in action.

Someone on my team actually thought of a similar concept. The caveat being that you drive so fast that you swing around the bar high enough to be able to grip the second level. Needless to say, we will not be climbing with his method.

This is something that all rookie teams should put on their robot if they plan on just shooting.

No video, if you read the blog we don’t have a pyramid yet. We tested it on a pole between some boards, but only by pushing the robot. We are taking this to our kit bot workshop tomorrow to show some local teams. I figured I’d post here to give everyone else the idea as well.

Also we have taken to calling this the “Can Opener” climb.

I was wondering when I would see this on Chief Delphi. Every robot should have one of these.

Clever indeed.

I’m inclined to wonder whether these results will carry over to a heavier machine, but I suppose all of that simply depends on momentum.

  • Sunny G.

Nice, we were waiting for this to pop up on CD as well. This is our current hanger too.

Huh, I have seen a sketch of this somewhere.

Has anyone actually tried it? I’d love confirmation that it actually is as easy as it looks.

Those Gremlins love to hide in the details. :o

Or your CG :wink:

We’ve tried a fairly simple version of this (video should be up later today or Tuesday) It doesn’t require alot of speed but robot balence does seem to be a factor. We think this might be mitigated by a steeper incline or a simple lift at the back to adjust while on the bar.

Overall a very simple and quick way to score 10 points.

Adding friction to your contact point with the bar can also help you from relying completely on CG placement.


I suspect this sort of climbing device will be fairly common. It’s a great contingency option for higher level climbs that may not work or not have enough time to work by the end of a match.

My interest is in what, if any, influence it has on the tower. For teams going for a higher climb, the sudden impact of one of these 'bots may shake/rattle the pyramid enough to be an issue.

I guess time will tell.

I like how this thread is evolving !

It would be nice if a team could post a compact version of a passive hang cutout with friction fit to lessen the reliance on CG placement.

Video of a similar design has been posted by team 4550.


Yes, we have, and it works. You must consider your CoG when placing the “arms”. Every team should have this as a minimum.

Is there any video to show my team? (nevermind)

We have two conflicting views on how best to get 10 points…

Edited photo links.

Great design guys. Quite a KISS solution!

The link isn’t working for me, are the pictures private?