pic: Speedy Finished


A zoom in picture of the finished version of Speedy. 2-speed transmission Vex robot, with a new gearing from the previous version to allow a 1.1 fps low gear and a 6 fps high gear. 6 motor drive, 1 servo to shift.

Additional pictures, information, and video at http://www.team498.org/imagesSpeedy.htm

crazy fast
how many vex/ accesory kits did that thing take

sweet picture

1 starter kit
2 chain kits
1 gear kit
1 encoder kit
2 metal kits

WOW! That thing is fast!

Very, very cool! Thanks for following through and showing us the video! Pretty darn fast too. I was pleasantly surprised by how fast it shifted :). With that many motors, I wonder what it can push in low gear; my guess is about 3 textbooks…

(If putfile doesn’t work for you, here is the source .mov file - I just searched the page source for “.mov” (EDIT: Mirrored to prevent violation of Putfile’s TOS))

You cant hotlink to movies on putfile

Oops! I forgot that; mirrored now. Putfile never works in Firefox for me, thats why I had it linked in the first place… :rolleyes:

How much has all this cost you!? :ahh:

Not as bad as it could be, all but the starter kit and programming kit were obtained at half price.

Also I don’t ask for anything else for entertainment. If you opt to not get an Xbox 360 or some other new fangled game system, it’s really about the same price.

Sorry about the hosting on putfile, our website server doesn’t have enough space to start hosting a bunch of videos.

Hey I can put it up for you, I have big servers with unlimited bandwidth :wink:

That thing is AWSOME! How long did it take you to build it?

Roughly 2 weeks, but that was only working on it for 1 or 2 hours a day, and waiting a few days to cut things. If I had worked on it more intensely it could have been done in under a week.