pic: Spider Leg Wall Hanging

I wanted to make up some sort of trophy/award for the drive team this year, and thought that this would be a good way to reuse some of the field seeing how it’s been taken apart.

If you want to make one, simply cut the pvc down to your desired length, add on another flange, and screw onto a board/plaque of your choice. I made 10" discs and routed the edges.
Add on a tube of your choice (our team is partial to blue after Boston this year) and you’re done!

Oh my god. I want one.

Simple yet effective :yikes:

Very cool.

Awesome. Good work. :slight_smile:

Definately got to make me one of those! Great Work!!

Tim, only 23 more and you’ll have a complete rack.

Put it on the to-do list. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s a cool idea! I’m pretty sure team 228 is now going to make one of these as well for our shop. :wink:

And a mini one to go along with 228’s mini rack? :wink:

Now you got me thinking of me thinking of a removable spider leg for my dorm room…

Haha, yeah… I’ll get right on that. :wink: