pic: Spiffizle [1676 Alumna)

Field Reset dance break at Chesapeake Regional 2015! YMCA

Better find a longer dance for this year’s field reset.

I really fear we’ll be too busy to dance. Especially when the reset instructions will be different for each match (though we’ll know all but the audience selected defense before the match).

Also, Field Stewards (FTAs, Refs, Reset, etc.), Herald (Emcee), AND teams need to be careful coming on and off the field since there is the blue and red things (the manual won’t reopen for me) that I super worry someone will trip over!

The audience selected defense will be constant for each round, so at most 13 changes in qualification. The blue and red borders of the secret passage is called the berms.

What do you mean each round? According to the manual (or how I read it), the qualification match list is going to say A, B, C, D for each match number so they’ll have to ask the audience each match.

From 5.3.1:

Play off rounds are listed in Table 5-2.

I realized immediately after posting that I had read it as “Match 1, Match 2” instead of “Round 1, Round 2.” Definitely a slip which I think was because I thought it went with the Match numbers to Defensive Coordinator information.

Then I now figure the audience one is probably announced first. Since it will need to be established before the first match with enough time for teams to strategize. I wonder if they are going to time the queuing prior to the first match to make sure it is fair that those teams have 2 minutes 15 seconds +/- cycle time to talk.