pic: Spirt award


My wife took this picture after our team gave 47 our spirt award at western michigan (about 20 minutes before they won the REAL spirt award.) The ladies pictured wanted to see the picture, but I hadn't shown my wife how to show pictures. That, and my digital camera is from, like, the 1960's. Pass it along! Thanks!

Chief Delphi, you guys scared my team’s parents half to death with your cheers. They kept thinking something was going wrong, lol. I think by the end I convinced them that you were just happy to be there, but I’m not sure if they understood why you were cheering for other teams. They’ll learn! Award well earned, I didn’t see anything close to competition for you in this award.

Well done!

WOOT you guys are always loud…too bad I wasn’t there to see it again…be like that at nats…I have to see you guys in action again. :]