pic: Spotted at IRI: New AM wheel (2)

This wheel was spotted at the AndyMark table at IRI. Here’s what they were saying was in the pipeline (if I remember correctly–also, of course, subject to change):

-4", 6", and 8" sizes
-Price point around $20 with tread
-Plastic similar to that of the FIRST wheel (we just saw a prototype)
-Wedgetop clamped in place–no more rivets!

The $20 price point caught my attention–that’s not much more than what we lay out to make our FIRST-derived wheels on our own, although we do get four of those in the kit. I’ll be watching for these.

A quick question for anyone that went to IRI and saw this, what is the weight. Also how do you mount the sprocket to this baby.

I handled the 4" wheel, and it felt roughly comparable to the FIRST wheel. Of course, the wheel was a prototype of a different plastic–that weight is subject to change.

As for sprockets, it’s got the de facto standard 1.875" bolt circle for mounting.

Thanks, I like how all the andy mark products have the sprockets mounted with bolts. We used to JB Weld the sprockets to a shaved down wheel from Motion Industries.

the weight is unknown since that is a printed prototype.

The bore has 2 levels the outter bore and center bore. The center bore is designed to take AM hubs for live axle and the outside bore is designed to accept bearings.

The wheel has the standard 1.875 bolt hole pattern and is compatible with most other AM products.

About how wide was it, and what are the dia.'s of the bores?

Maybe we’ll get these in the kit eh?

I was gonna say, that sure looks like a 3d printer model…

Nice wheel! probably a 1-1/8" counter bore for the bearing, with a 7/8" hole size so you can use either 3/8" or 1/2" ID standard bearings.

Yes! Clamping treads into place makes things so much easier to deal with… mainly due to the lack of rivets!

Team 60 was showing us their innovative wheels, which clamp the tread in the same manner. I was thinking to myself how awesome it would be to be able to do that… but our machining abilities are limited. These wheels would make it possible for us.

Why is AndyMark so awesome?

Reasons (in alphabetical order):

  1. Andy

  2. Mark

  3. Synergy (see 1 and 2 above)

I look forward to seeing these wheels in production. Lighter, cheaper, stronger. :slight_smile:

The AM Hubs are just shy of 1" OD, so at the very least the ID should be 1", with a larger seat at the outer ends for bearings like you’ve mentioned.

These wheels look great – a much lighter alternative to AM’s existing traction wheels.

Those can’t be prototypes!:smiley:

I’m interested in seeing how the tread is ‘clamped’ into place. The only problem I’ve had with the old version of the wheel is having to replace the tread and drilling out the rivets holes. Then eventually having the holes grow too large for the rivets.

I can’t believe I missed these at IRI.

Hopefully it’s not too long before we get details on material, weight, dimensions, etc…

What I’ve seen some people do is use and under size drill so they really just take out the center of the rivet. You then can pretty easily push/pull the remainder of the rivet out without damaging the hole much.

It appears to be the same beadlock style rim that 60/254/968/others have been using for years.

As Cory said above they are the beadlock style that 60/254/968 have used for years. The wheels do look very nice and I am sure they will be pretty light. A very good off the shelf solution to a light wheel that can take a beating. Looks to be another great AndyMark product.

Here’s the scoop:

We will be making 3 versions of this wheel, eventually.

6" diameter wheel is in production now. It is being molded out of black polycarbonate, just like the inside of the FIRST Kit Wheel and the Plastic Omni Wheel. The wheel will come with 12 fasteners (#10-32 screws and nuts), but without tread. We will have tread available, but not included. The target price of the 6" wheel is around $24. We hope to have the 6" wheel available within 4-5 weeks.

Depending on the demand for the 6" wheel, we will make a 4" wheel this fall. This won’t be available until much later this fall. Price will be a bit lower than the 6".

If demand is really high, then we may make a 8" version soon. I don’t know if we can afford a third mold. This version may be for next summer.

As for the design, this is inspired by the 60/254/968 development of this sort of tread attachment technique. Hopefully, these treads will not need a rivet at each end of the tread, but we shall see once testing begins.

The 4" and 6" sized wheels are designed so that PVC pipe can be sandwiched between the two halves in order to make the wheel wider. This is our design theory, and has not been tested yet. The 4" wheel is designed to accept 3" PVC (od = 3.5") and the 6" wheel is designed to accept 5" PVC (od = 5.56) in order to create wider wheels. I suppose that someone could make a 12" wide wheel (or whatever size), if all works out as planned.

The hubs for these 3 wheels are all the same. They accept a 1.125" od bearing, and they also can accept any of the live axle hubs that we sell (500 key hub, 375 key hub, DD Globe Hub, 500 Hex Hub). Of course, they have a 1.875" bolt circle.

I will update our website so that people can see CAD pics and download CAD models. Hopefully, I will do this soon.

Andy B.

Awesome, Andy.

You know that we’re good for a few 4" wheels. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info, it looks it will be another awesome product. I especially like the ability to make them wider with pvc pipe, very clever. :slight_smile:

If they’re being molded, couldn’t they be made with some sort of texture under the lip to better grip the tread? Just a thought, may be unnecessary.

Hmmm… that is a good suggestion.

I forgot to mention the name for this product:

Plaction Wheel

(plastic + traction = plaction)


One thing I noticed at the table: the wedgetop tread sitting out looked appreciably thinner than the stuff we’ve used in the past from McMaster-Carr. Is it from a different source? Would the McMaster belting still fit? I suppose it’s a moot point for us, since it took a year and a half (and some 25 competition matches at two events) to throw a single tread on our much-loved (and, admittedly, much-abused) 2007 robot, but you never know when you’ll need a new tread in the middle of nowhere*.

*Or, as I found out while trying to find a 3/16" rivet and rivet tool at Brunswick Eruption last year, in the middle of New Jersey! :eek: