pic: Spotted in my new Make:...


Excuse the iSight picture, but the Championship got a plug in the latest edition of Make: that I received today. Pretty awesome.

hah I can see my armpit! What is this exactly?

That is cool.

Did you see FRC1981 and FRC1996 at the Kansas City Regional on the website too:


hey it’s me!!!:smiley: how big was the article?

As they say in France, c’est tout. (That’s all.)

Awesome! I love Make, but it just got too expensive for only 4 issues a year.

Billfred can you bring me a copy in Atlanta…for the boys scrapbook!

The article on the Make: blog is actually from a website called Hack-a-Day. I’m just trying to give credit to the original author. I got to meet Will that runs the website, and you can see a picture of our infrared remote with an IR LED array on it that I helped design.

Championship announcement on Make:Blog this morning:

Upcoming event from our friends @ FIRST.

[quote]The FIRST Robotics Competition brings new meaning to “March Madness” as high-school students across the country put their metal and academic muscle to the test at Regional competitions and try to advance to the FIRST Championship, April 17-19 in Atlanta’s Georgia Dome. FIRST events are open to the public and admission is free.

The journey to compete at Regionals began when thousands of aspiring young engineers received details of this year's engineering challenge, FIRST Overdrive. They also received a kit containing 422 parts such as motors, batteries, a control system, automation components...but no instructions. Working with mentors, students had only six weeks to design, build, and test their robots..

FIRST - 800-871-8326.[/quote]

MAKE is gadget heaven…there’s a magazine, a blog, a fair, and a book. My brother is in the book, showing off his Nixie watch.

Congrats to 1902 for your 15 minutes of fame!

Team 100’s Ballfrog and Tube-a-Saurus will be giving a demo at Maker Faire 08’.

Team 766 may also be making an appearance. Come by and check it out!

I <3 MAKE :smiley: