pic: Spotted on campus...

Seen in the Jazzman’s Cafe in the basement of the Darla Moore School of Business.

Music tastes aside, don’t be like Fiddy. Who wants to tell the group why?

That’s not their intended purpose!

(also since he’s working with chemicals, they should be splash proof, not just impact resistant)

It’ll be a new poster. 50 Cent didn’t wear his safety goggles, now he doesn’t need them.

Carol, you have been replaced

Hmm… Someone is wearing their safety glasses as forehead protectors… :wink:

What kind of an image is that?

50 is also pouring from too high, increasing splash risks. If he’s wearing contacts, then that’s a big no-no too. He also appears to be working with hot chemicals (a hot plate is in the foreground) without gloves or tongs. Speaking of hot chemicals, his hot plate is backwards; he’d have to reach over the heating element to adjust temperature. At least he doesn’t have long hair hanging around that can catch on fire. On a barely related note, he probably wishes he had had those forehead protectors when this happened (warning: some rough language). His rap is boring too… Tupac/2Pac and Public Enemy are vastly superior.

Gatorade… The most toxic of chemicals… :smiley:

I don’t think safety glasses are really necessary for pouring Gatorade… but you never know… that stuff is pretty bad for you :smiley:

Actually, he’s pouring Vitamin water. Gatorade is filled with High Fructose corn syrup, which is amazingly bad for you. Vitamin water is much less bad, as it’s a bit more chemically designed. It’s fairly new on the big market scene, so it has yet to convert to flavored sugar water.