pic: Spring/Summer Chassis

This is a render of a chassis that Team Paragon might be using next year.

-4" AndyMark Performance wheels (Center dropped 1/8")
-2 2nd Gen AndyMark Supershifters
-Live Axles
-Frame made with 2"x1"x1/16" Aluminum
-Cross Supports made with 1"x1"x1/16" Aluminum

Questions or Comments?

Looks awesome!

However, Aren’t you worried about weight distribution?

Having both the battery and the compressor at the/front of the robot may cause problems with driver control.

I think it’s meant to have whatever manipulator for the year up in the front.

Where did you download the compressor and cRio, or did you make those yourself? Also, would you be willing to share the link/file?
Thank you,
P.S. Good Luck! thats a great CAD!

Joe, I think you still need to incorporate the design elements that Cory highlighted in his previous post about your design.

Unless it is just not visible, you still need support for the cantilevered wheels on the outside of the rail and should remove the pocketing from your current Bearing blocks. Other than that, looks good.

True, but if it is for next year, then the manipulator will probably be different.

I’ll email you the files if your still interested. Also i downloaded the Electronics from team 1323s website. They have the majority of the KOP available for download and most AndyMark parts. Just download and save as an “.iges” or “.step”

The link is: http://team1323.com/cad/index.html

Yes I have to make the changes. I didn’t take another picture. This is the one from my album (I’m pretty sure) but I have made the changes

I don’t see why you need the top rail for bumper mounting. This year’s bumper rules would let you get away with juts the orange mounts. It’s what we did.

I forgot about that website! Havent checked that in while.
Thank you very much!

P.S. and yes im still interested :smiley:

I just did it to give it some flare. The cheesy Poofs did rails on theirs and that is where I got my inspiration for the chassis.

General Question: How many teams have used a set up like this with 1/16" wall tube? We had something similar this year and used 1/8" wall. I am wondering if that was overkill.


PS Nice rendering!

Its not really overkill. It can be done you have done it. But 1/16" is plenty. What you have to make sure is that the joints where each piece of tubing meet are perfectly mated. Any gap will cause your chassis to be significantly weakened.

I’m concerned about bearings being supported with 1/16" wall tubing. I’d only be comfortable with 1/8" wall for that purpose, myself.

This is true. I was also considering making both bearing blocks one piece. Which would make them go through the entire piece of aluminum tubing.

Thanks for the input everyone.