pic: Sprocket


Does anyone know the part number or supplier for this belt sprocket?

It may have been in the KOP sometime in the last few years.

Max OD - 2.46"
Total Width - 0.936"
Tooth Width - 0.55"
Flange OD - 1.5"
Bore - 0.31"

Thanks for any help.

It is probably one of the parts from www.bbman.com
Go to their website and look at the GT2 pitch products.

I’ll try to look at a box this morning.


Could you take a picture from the side to better show the tooth profile? I can’t tell right now if it’s an HTD profile or GT2 profile, but with a side view I might be able to.

It looks like the B&B 36XL037-6A4. I’m holding one right now.

The picture on the catalog page is not the sprocket here

The B&B 36XL037-6A4 is the part in the KOP and the one you are asking about.

I’m thinking it mates to the Gates GT2 belts. The data sheet says XL which doesn’t make sense. GT2 is a 5mm pitch and XL is a 0.2’ pitch. It is very close and it has a different tooth profile.

Anyway that is the sprocket and it should mate to GT2.

Thanks for the quick replies.

I will try to order some tomorrow.


I think I have ours from the KOP if you want them.