pic: Staged Double Vertical Suspension

Having finally completed the vertical suspension gear (after promising it for months), we ended up with them on at Kettering Kickoff, without any matches with 33, 27, or 1718 (the only 3 vertically elevating robots).

For that reason, we arranged a double suspension after the eliminations, and here it is. Enjoy!

(There’s also one with me hanging on the bar. TRIPLE SUSPENSION! :stuck_out_tongue: )

(For those interested, there’s a few more pictures at the end of this album, and I can also upload the plans of the vertical suspenders themselves)

When did you guys actually put the vertical hangers on?

We put them on Wednesday night, but when we found out that our schedule didn’t have 33, you guys (27), or 1718 in it, we took them off until after the event, when this took place.

Forget the staged part; this is quite impressive. Good job!

Staged or not, that is quite awesome.

Thanks! I’d like to note that when I was hanging, there was about 500 pounds all on our two solid aluminum hooks, and there’s nary a dent. In retrospect, that would’ve been a good spot for some lightening holes. :rolleyes:

Those side hanger attachments look very, very bent. Did the mechanism take the loads well? Would it have worked repeatedly?

The one on the left was not bent at all.

The one on the right, however, is. That happened when 1718 suspended. I suspect is was because their mechanism was a bit too tall, but it could have just been a moment-exertion issue.

I will note that while it bent, it did not break. Even after 1718 was removed, 27 suspended successfully without any further bending.

Would it have worked repeatedly? I am inclined to say yes, but really I’m not sure. As I said, there was another suspension without further bending. That specific bend may have been a “freak” incident or just a result of 1718’s mechanism.

I do believe it would have worked multiple times in usage with 27, 33, and most other “strongman” vertically hanging robots. It was never tested with “driving up” 'bots such as 2056.

Actually I think it happened because our bumper hung up on your bumper momentarily, and when it released there was a jolt which caused the bend. This is just a guess, but I think if we had lifted smoothly, instead of catching bumpers, the bend wouldn’t have happened. I was a little nervous when it initially happened, but Clint was yelling to keep lifting so we did. It was pretty impressive to see - would’ve been really great to see during a match!