pic: Stained Glass WIndow for IRI Charity auction

This window shall be in the IRI charity auction. It will have a wood border added. In the blue, you can't see them but there are some stars. It is patterened after the big sign at The Championship.

Now THAT is nice. I’ve never been particularly drawn to stained glass similar to these, but this might do the trick. :wink:


A window into your world, FIRST.

My dad builds windows for a living, and me and him came up with the idea at Championship. We worked together on it and this is how it came out, just not completly done.

Wow, you guys did a great job, it looks beautiful.

FANTASTIC! I wish I were going to be there to bid on it! I’m sure it will fetch some big bucks for the auction!!

Great job!


That looks amazing…job well done! :smiley:

That is so cool! Who is the artist? You or your dad?


I think you’ll get some big bucks for this one of a kind creation!

Excellent job to the artist of that one!

I really like that! Great job to the creator. It looks really well done.


I don’t even know what else to say

Mainly my dad, i was a kind of assitant helper/co-designer/intern. I had a lot of on the job training throughout the process (Though I had built windows before)

How big is it?

I love that. It’s so great.

Are you sure that doesn’t violate FIRST logo standards??? They might come after you…blah blah blah whatever just kidding.

Very cool - good job!

P.S. - I wonder if 1114 and 1305 will bid on it…maybe if you put a tiny maple leaf in the corner… :slight_smile:

AWESOME! can’t wait to see it at IRI

wow looks amazing, you and your dad did a good job

It’s unfortunate that I will be broke when I go to IRI. I would love to have this… but I wouldn’t be able to put it anywhere in my house.

Wow!! That is pretty neat. My grandpa collects them and that is really unique I like it. It is interesting to look at.

The size is 16X20 and with the oak fram added it will be 19x23 (all measurements in inches)