pic: Start of busy weekend for Team 237

Team 237 has a busy weekend. Thursday was open house at the high school. We made magic smoke :wink:
Saturday we demo at a local fair in Watertown and Sunday is our 10th year anniversary tour kickoff. Pulled Pork, Chicken and all the Fixings in Watertown. See you there.

Congrats to FRC 237 on celebrating your ten-year anniversary! There are always bumps in the road to overcome and it’s wonderful to hear about teams who have managed to pull it off year after year.

The K’s will all be there after our FTC kickoff event to help you start your anniversary tour… save us some pulled pork! Yum! :slight_smile:

Sorry I missed that party sounds like good eats!! In all seriousness though congratulations to Team 237 for 10 years!! That kind of thing is no easy feat these days and you join an increasingly exclusive club having been around for that long. I think 237 was probably one of the first teams I really became aware of, followed, had friends on, etc, etc. in the post secrecy stage of FIRST (aka once things went to alliances).

Bottom line we expect 10 more years at least…