pic: starting config

This year’s robots are going to be seem absolutely microscopic.

I really like this design. 842 has done an awesome job in documenting their design process to the community this year. The whole intake combined with the scissor feeder and cylinder pulling the frisbee into the shooter is awesome.

Some questions I have:

-Does this prototype arm fit within the 54" vertical cylinder? Just interested…
-Do you guys plan to start the arm upright and then run the rest of the match with it down? Otherwise it seems really tippy with that frame.
-How do you plan to articulate the arm?
-What are you planning for hanging? A simple 10 point hanging claw on the arm or something more complex?

Thanks for the reply.

Hi. Thanks for the compliments. The prototype is a little bit larger than the actual arm. Actual arm will be about 40" long and does fit in the cylinder but we can only have the arm pivot backwards a certain amount. The arm will start upright and will most likely drive it upright unless of course we see a robot coming near ours in which we would lift the arm up to protect it. We are going to mount as much weight as possible to the ground to help with that. The arm will most likely be articulated with 2 mini cims hooked up to a custom transmission and will be mounted in a way similar to team 27 from the year 2011. For our hanging, we are going to mount chains to the sides of the arms and attach hooks on both sides. This will let us climb up the pyramid in a reasonably fast amount of time while also shifting our center of gravity to help climb up it. You can find the climbing routine on our team activity sheet:


Interesting Idea. I like the “super module” design.