pic: Steak and Shake

the New England Crew's first experience with a Steak and Shake…we would have our second two days later. Actually…we want to take one home with us!

HAHAHAHA OMG THAT IS GREAT!!! Jess I love the expression on your face… Andy beware of clipboards because I predict there is one in your future. :wink:

During our second trip to Steak n’ Shake, I accidently found the secret shake not on the menu.
Next time you go, order a blueberry shake.

Jeff finally got a hair cut! :ahh:

That’s adorable. If I ever go east…I’ll uh…arrange for some to be sent to you?

That was actualy one of my sisters first observations when she moved to Providence… “THERES NO STEAK AND SHAKE HERE!!”

What in the world is a Steak AnD Shake?

Fast food type dealio I’m guessing?

I googled a favorite memory:

OMG HOW CAN YOU LIVE WITHOUT Steak & Shake??? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: And where did all of yeah stopped at for Steak & Shake???

The closest one to me would be in Western Pennsylvania. There was nothing within 100 miles of my zip code 06795.

I’ve never been to one. How does it compare to an Applebee’s, Ruby Tuesday or The “99”?

What’s The “99”??? :confused: :confused: :confused:

Never understood the popularity of Steak & Shake, but man, Chipotle is where it’s at people. :wink:

Similar to the others I mentioned.

99 restaurant link

Jeesh… Next thing we know, we’ll be hearing people ask “What’s A Grinder?” again. :rolleyes:

Regional vocab pwnd.

Grinder? What’s that…

Oh that’s right… what you people in Da Cutt refer to what normal people call a submarine… :rolleyes:

This is just me, but in the movie, Cars, in the downtown segments, it ‘felt’ like the SteaknShake I loved. I don’t know Ruby Tuesday or the “99” but for me, there is no comparison.

SteaknShake on a beautiful fall day, angora sweater, saddle oxfords. Yup.

skinney fries rock!


OHHHH yeah there CHEESE fries are FANTASTIC!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

You should have seen the waitrees’s face when I asked her if they had Frappes there. I guess you have to be from New England to find that funny.

As for comparison…I actually see steak and shake like a Friendly’s. The shakes are phenomonal and the food is good, but not expensive.

OK OK, WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE “Frappes!!!” :confused: :confused: :confused: