pic: Stealth Mode

The Cloaking Device runs on the Mabuchi Motor, and it only draws 5 amps!

shhhhh Rob. No one was supposed to know our secret :wink: . Now how are we supposed to fool the other teams at BAE? :smiley:

But since the competition tetras are not stealthy, we will know where you are as soon as you touch one :smiley:
Keep on trying though :slight_smile:

Wayne Doenges
CAD Mentor

What? Look at the tetras in the picture, they turned invisible when their robot touched them, but I think its against the rules to be invisible, because of R09, and R10.
Those crazy rules get in the way of everones secret plans.
Too bad, I would have like to see a robot that is invisible.

super FAST

me too! but really u wouldnt be able to see it that well unless it was half invisible i guess

I once bought an invisible robot but now I cant find it anywhere, I guess it was a waste of all that money.

I like the drive train, It looks great.

so do the drivers have special safety goggles so -they- can see the bot?!?! :smiley: