pic: Steel EDM PG71 Adapters and More

NC Solutions located in Grand Rapids, Michigan has been supporting local area FRC teams for a number of years. They specialize in wire EDM burning and CNC machining operations. I met the owner at the 2008 West Michigan Regional (before it became a District), one of his employees has been a volunteer announcer there since 2001. They currently are set up to make PG71 round and hex adapters to fit AM hubs and 1/2 to 3/8 hex shaft adapters to use AM output gears as counter gears.

Contact them at: http://www.ncsolutionsincorporated.com

Or 616-745-4751

Nice! I can see quite a few uses for these types of adapters. I’ve made the one on the right quite a few times in the past.

Is NC setup right now so I can call and just order a few of these and expect them in a week?

Thanks for posting!

I talked with the owner Brian, he doesn’t have any more pre-made. He thought a week turnaround time would be reasonable. I picked up like 6 or 8 of each from him over the Memorial Day weekend.

Normally, he makes a few in the unused portions of stock during regular production runs. Give him a call, he always making something that has a unused tail.

He started making the ½ to 3/8 hex adapters for us two years ago and there’s at least one on '10, '11 and '12 somewhere.

Do you have the ball park pricing on these?

I could definitely see my team using some of these if they were readily available because they fit into our “just buy it” philosophy.

I’ve told Brian that he would need to be competitive with AM to sell in quantity. The adapters in the picture are going with me to IRI, I hope to convince Andy these would be a welcome addition to his line of parts.

I’m also a firm believer in the “just buy it” philosophy. Why spend time and resources designing and building unique parts, when you can buy a COTS part, put it on the shelf and use it when needed. This is reason I posted the picture and information.

Depending on how many EDM machines and what models the place has, a single one could run you about $40 if its 1/2" stock with about 20 minutes of time on the machine, not including setup. That’s just based on our shop’s machines and quoting though. But yeah I might estimate $30-$35 if manufactured in bulk. (note: we quote about $100 an hour on our machines due to tolerances we hold so it might be quite different).

Do you guys inspect these for concentricity?