pic: Steel Hawks 2014: Tomahawk

Team 2601: Steel Hawks’ Aerial Assist robot, Tomahawk.

The 12v lights on the camera/sonar mast lit up whenever the robot was in the optimal shooting range (e.g. in this picture), and flashed whenever the robot was in the optimal ball intake range.

GTR-E and NYC 2014. Thanks to all 114 teams we met over the course of these two regionals. We learned from every single match and then some.

Your robot was absolutely awesome this year, you guys keep making giant strides forward. I hope to see you guys and this beast of a robot at some point during the offseason.

Thanks, Joe. You guys had a amazing machine too, it was definitely one of the fastest robots we came across in either of our competitions. We had loads of fun competing with you guys and we can’t wait to do it again next year or later in the offseason.