pic: Step 1. Field Step 2. ??????? Step 3. Robot

What material did you use for the high efficiency boiler goal? Also do you plan on adding gear lifts and davits onto the airship, or make those separately?

It’s probably Polycarbonate since that’s what matches the official field boiler.

For our boiler we simply measured the diameter and length the pipe from the CAD(15inches) then found the circumference, added joining holes( 5/32 rivets every 2 inches worked) and cut it out on our router. 0.118(3mmish) polycarb worked fine for us, but took a little bit of effort to hold it together while rivetting( by little bit I mean person sitting on it :slight_smile: )

We did the same for the funnel, just measured, laid it out in 2D in SW then cut it on our router.

Yes and we used Masonite for the gear shoots, but we have to figure out a way to make them slicker. We might just move to plexi for those.

Also we are making both divides and all three springs are being delivered tomorrow. We will be diving into vision tape today as well.

Smoke Stack, lifts, and portals will be done today as well. I hope.

We are using ratcheting straps to hold the shape when we rivet tonight.

Most impressive field set up! A lot bit jealous of the build and space… great driver practice in order!

realizing the sightlines are going to be worse than Stronghold.

These WILL be the worst effective sightlines in any game in the modern era.

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Maybe try wiping them down with Pledge? I’ve found that it leaves a slick coating on furniture. Just make sure it’s dry before sliding gears on it so they don’t collect any residue.

2018 game: Blindfolded Driving…at Night! :stuck_out_tongue:

At the start of a match yes, by the 3/4 point with a good alliance 2015 wins

… with black carpet and black game pieces …