pic: Storm Robotics FRC 2729 at a Board of Education meeting

Our school district invited the team to a Board of Education meeting to be recognized for its accomplishments as a rookie team this year. We did a presentation talking about the teams experiences this year and spoke about the impact of FIRST on our students and others. Each team member also received a certificate of recognition for the team’s accomplishments as well. It was a great night for all, everyone enjoyed it!

Congratulations on everything you guys have accomplished this year. It is great to see that your district is so supportive of what you guys do. They must really “get it.” It was a great experience for me getting to meet you guys at all three of your events this year. Congrats on the Rookie All-Star Award and congrats on a season well played. Can’t wait to see what you bring to the field next season.

Thanks Phil! It was cool to see you and a few other volunteers float around at the same regionals we were at this year. The students are definitely looking forward to next year after the fun they had this time around.

Your team was definitely great man. Congrats on a successful rookie year. Hope to get in touch with your team soon.

P.S.- your profile says you’re in Westampton, how close are you to 816?

Hey Nate…

That robot looks a little bit different than it did in Philly.

Yooo Randy…

We did a little redesign before we went down to Atlanta. We really wish we’d have done this for Philadelphia but I guess you can say we were really inspired to make those changes there. We have to give credit to 103 and you guys, 223, on the inspiration behind the redesign. I think “props” may also go around to a few different teams for redesign inspiration too; one of the great things about collaborating and sharing right?!

The dumper really worked well for us in Atlanta though, certainly a great improvement on our original design.

If Nate still lives in the same area as his HS team (87) then he’s literally right down the street (Give or take a smidge). I think 2729’s school(s) are about 20-30 minutes away which is still pretty close

Absolutely man.
Our robot had a little bit of cosmetic surgery between Trenton and Philly as well.
Congratulations on a great rookie season, and making it to Atlanta. We were on the bubble right to the end, but didn’t make it.
There is always next year.
Maybe I will see you this summer at Stevens…