pic: Storm Robotics Team, FRC 2729

We are very proud that our rookie team was able to work well together to design and build this final product. The robot picks orbit balls off from the ground and moves them up to the shooter which is mounted on a 270 degree spinning turret that target.

Excellent job to all of our students and mentors. The team is looking forward to competing at Washington DC and the Philadelphia Regional. See you all there!

Congrats Nate- our guys finally got ours debugged and fully operational around 1:00 today. Although I do have to admit- we still have not mitigated the sticker risk

Bravo. I would say thats a great robot for a rookie. but thats a great robot for any one. Y’all did an awesome job.

Wait, that’s a rookie robot? Coulda fooled me.:smiley:

Joking aside, I’m now really glad I have you guys for the Philly Fantasy FIRST draft.

Very nice looking bot!

Team 836 looks forward to seeing you in DC!


dang thats nice. philly is going to be tougher than i thought.

As Eric said… not only is that one beautiful robot, but that looks like an incredibly well designed robot for any team, especially a rookie! Best of luck this season, and look forward to a bright future. :slight_smile:

Wait till you see what the software does

So all you have to do is win Rookie All Star, go down to Atlanta, and team up with 148’s Tornado and the ThunderChickens - Alliance Perfect Storm.

Congrats on a fantastic looking robot! See y’all in DC.

Thanks for all of your kind words on the design of the robot. The success of our build season is really all because of students working together from two separate schools to get this done. The teachers and mentors are lucky to have students that sometimes had to be kicked out of the school when it was time to stop working!

Good luck to everyone this year! Stop by our pit area at DC and Philadelphia!