pic: Strategy Scenarios Summary

Hopefully a better resolution

I still have the same question, with the gear point limit being as it is, how are you getting the 575/455 numbers for the 3 Gearbot alliance?

I’m with you on not getting the math here

2 x Rotors in Auto= 120
3x Robot Cross in Auto= 15
2x Teleop Rotors= 80
3x Climbing = 150

Total= 365
Elim = 485

I’m not very sure why the Qual and Elim difference is 120 points for both you and him? Did I miss something?

4 Rotors in Elims gives 100 points instead of RP.
40kPa in Elims gives 20 points instead of RP.

100 of those points come from getting all 4 rotors. In elims that is worth 100 points instead of an RP.

Please refer to the Excel file I uploaded earlier as a “Paper” to fully understand the assumptions used to generate the graph.

What about a solo gearer + gearer/fueler + defender?

Okay. Didn’t realize "Gearer"s would be scoring fuel as well. If so then the extra 20 from 40kPA makes sense.

So the most effective alliance is that which each robot can do all tasks?

Youve blown my mind :wink:
I guess my question is what are the practical applications for this data?

The picture is a graphical example of the output from a model (Excel file) I uploaded as a paper. The model allows the user to input various assumptions about how various combinations of strategies may play out during a match.

I suggest that you download the Excel file. I welcome comments and feedback on the usefulness or improvement ideas on the model.