pic: Stress testing 80-20!

While completing our remote controlled go-cart, we ran ran across an interesting way to test the strength of 80-20 extruded aluminum. The following steps detail how we did it:

  1. Build a go-cart frame entirely from aluminum channel and extruded, and brace to the front of the frame with 80-20.

  2. Crash it into a steel marker post at 15 miles an hour.

Simple huh? Unfortunately, while testing the cart, our steering became uncalibrated and led us into this wonderful orange post that had an inclination to stay put. This piece was originally in the middle of 2 ft piece of the extruded that was simply bolted onto the frame as a brace. Somehow, this piece managed to break off in the middle of the bar. Guess we hit it harder than we thought…

I’d like to hear/see more about this “remote control go-cart”

Well, it was started by a former member of our team ( now its kind of a project wev’e taken on to improve it and make it awesome), out of scrap 80-20 and aluminum channel, and sports an impressive 3 horse, ?liter, 1 cylinder engine.
It also has all the comforts and none of the safety of an old crappy Ford Festiva seat we threw on it. No seat belts, no reverse, but it does have our 2004 brain on it. We used it to control our pnuematics and gas , as well as our currently buggy steering. It looks like a piece of garbage with an engine thrown on, but we have some big, semi-dangerous plans for this little baby. We intend to put some sonar on it, and let it navigate our school grounds, without killing anyone in the process hopefully.