pic: Strong Lift

This is our robot late Saturday night lifting 130+ lbs. in the air.

For some reason I’m thinking that isnt safe. :ahh:

nah, its safe enough … for the guy on the left who is walking away

as Tom said, it isnt safe…

… But… WOW, how much does that kid weigh?


For some reason, I’m thinking that’s photoshoped, judging by the angles of the light on the tetra+student. :stuck_out_tongue:

Something tells me photoshop had a hand in this…

What is that building you are in and what are those two enormous cylinders on the right?

Ahh, you can see the ground under where he is sitting.

Good photoshop job tho, probably the best I’ve seen on CD.

You should have put Justin in the tetra. :slight_smile:

Is that a freshman in that tetra?

I agree, I don’t see any big clamps connecting the base of the arm to the stools. Without them, it would tip for sure. Plus if that kid was like that, the guy on the left would be staring in awe, not walking past unamused. Is that floor concrete? If so that kid would get hurt on the fall to the ground and the batteries charging to the left are going to get damaged.

I think so too, just look at the way the kid is setting.(no suppot at his butt) :cool:

Very funny, but around where he is sitting, there is white patch. This area didn’t get cut out well enough in Photoshop. Also, the kid is a bit disproportioned. Good job, though.

Not to mention, this:
is their robot. Unless, they were fooling us?!? :slight_smile:

Actually, that is their bot. If you look closely, you will see that the link is their “finished” bot, and the other, was before the two outer arms where attached.

i call your bluff, unless those benches are lead painted to look like wood, there is no way that it wouldent tip, even for how close the tetra is to the center of the base.

sorry, but my vote is photoshopped

I’d like to see it flip that tetra like a frisbee…


It’s the Neutral Bouyancy Labratory (NBL) part of Johnson Space Center. It’s where the really big pool that astronauts train in is located. Those Cylinders are space station parts or mockups of space station parts that go in the pool with the astronauts so they have something to play with.

very interesting teaser for us all-- i hate heights so i wouldn’t have volunteered for that one :wink:

nice lift though–keep up the good work and be safe don’t let ppl fall on you while u’r just standing there smiling…

Time to go add “Become team 118 mentor after graduating college so I can see some awesome things” to my list of things to do.