pic: StuyPulse Team 694 Teaser

Gearboxes finally came in yesterday (after being ordered almost 3 weeks ago). Hopefully the rest of our parts also arrive soon.

Wishing everyone the best of luck.

Looks like your back wheels are the only ones getting power. Do you plan on powering all of them?

3…2…1… RUSH!

After seeing your frame and looking over the rules, I am confused as to how you plan on mounting bumpers to the open side of the robot. It looks as if the channel segment is only about 4.5", so are you planning on building another peice to go inside of the chassis and mount the bumpers to that? Any clarification would be appreciated.

Looks to me like a west coast rear wheel drive? Looks good!

Looks like there’s going to be a pulley on the rear output shafts (next to the wheel) that hasn’t been put there yet.

Im assuming they will be adding outside structure to support the shafts of the wheels and to protect them. that would also clear up the front segment issue.

From the back of the robot you can tell that they are already 28 inches wide. In order to make the front bumpers legal, the chassis would need to be 1.5" wider on each side, making them too wide.

Wait, so your robot has 16 wheels… [EDITED]

We replaced the front chassis rails with 6" rails compared to the original 4.5" rails today. Would’ve done so yesterday but ran out of meeting time after we assembled our 4 gearboxes and put them on the bot (Had to also trim all 24 spacers on the gearboxes because we ordered the WCD 3rd stage expansion but it later turned out that we only needed the original 3rd stage expansion). We also added churros on the side of the bot to support the bumpers. Thanks for looking out though :cool:

The back wheels are also connected to the next set of wheels through another belt. Would’ve put it on during the last meeting but we ran out of time.