pic: Subliminal Messaging

Found this in the spacious entryway to the new indianapolis international airport, on the right near an elevator as you pass from the ticketing/check-in area to the concourse entrances.

Hmm… doesn’t like just modern art to me…

According to the Indianapolis International Airport Art Program, it’s called “Elemental Indiana” by Dale Enochs – number 5 and maybe 6 on the interactive map. His resume doesn’t mention any FIRST connection. He does do lots of small and large stone work.

For that area of the airport, between ticketing and security, they probably wanted some soothing Indiana-themed background art to walk by. In the boring, sit-and-wait areas you want something more exciting, like a giant marble roller.

Looks like a nice airport.

Just shows we are ready for the Championship to be here.

There is a lot of nice art in the new airport. The large sculpture in the parking garage was programmed by one of our mentors.

We noticed it as well when we checked into our Southwest Airlines flight.

Hm… Anyone know how to make this happen? At this rate that is the only way I’m making it to the championship.

[bolding mine.] Is that Breath in the garage? [Not quite ready for show.] Or electroland on the bridge connection – a rather interesting piece of work, which looks like fun to walk under and must have been a lot of work to program. Check out the video at the end in the link.

C’mon! We gotta get to the Championship!
Not yet – I’m still playing with the garage connection art!*

I wish my jobs were this much fun. My one major creativity was a 4-foot tall address number in front of a building we’re working on. Looked great, major avenue visibility, more than just a box with words stuck on it – shot down like Snoopy.

Have Indianapolis talk to FIRST, put in a better deal than what is current. Make sure it all works for everybody.

*Just sayin’ – y’know?

Flo has been adamently talking to FIRST about moving championships here. he’s met with them a few times, and i would be suprised if it doesn’t happen. now if only we could convince the cnn center to follow…

Even better would be Six Flags or similar right next door…

You mean that IRI is not The Championship? :ahh:

Well, we don’t really want FIRST to know, but their championships are just qualifiers for IRI.

Bids have been submitted, FIRST has visited the facilities, final presentations have been made. It’s all up to FIRST now.

Indianapolis would become the capital of FIRST outside of New Hampshire.

Anyone else notice the pac-man about to eat the logo?:ahh:

chuckle I do now! :yikes:


I’d be pretty ironic if that artwork ended up as this year’s clue.

Hmm…I can see it now…a Pac-man styled game…fun :smiley:

Heh, just watch out for the evil, robot devouring ghosts :ahh:

I just hope we don’t get squished cherries, strawberries, or oranges in our sprockets.

You can have your PacMan wall – San Francisco has a tornado next to one of their gates… :cool:

Not sure of the connection between tornados and airplanes – you’d think they’d want to remind customers of bad weather.

Okay, I’m going way off the original subject, but at least it’s still an airport – and it’s pretty cool besides!

A maze-like game, with walls low enough for drive teams to see, but high enough so robots cant go over them…