pic: Success!

This photo was taken today. Needless to say, project ‘silly glasses’ was a success.

I guess I’m a little confused, is this picture of your robot scoring in the goal, or of some targeting system built into your glasses? We’ve been trying this for some time, but we haven’t got it working yet… Do your glasses actually show XY coordinates of where your shooter is aiming? Impressive! Anything you can do to clear this up would be much appreciated.

i think its all about the vaccum \m/!!! haha…

no i did notice the 4 red dots maybe it is eye targetting of some kind but the glasses also look damaged… hmm…

The glasses are not damaged. The red tape on the nose piece is to keep them from falling down your face. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

There are four LEDs to aid the driver in lining up for the shot, if he has to do it manually. The object is to get all four lit, as shown in the pic.

The glasses don’t show a true XY position, just what direction you need to go. For instance, if you aim is down and to the right, the right and bottom LEDs will be on and the top and left LEDs will be off.

Hey the vaccuum is awesome, we have 2. LOL both I think came from a trip we took down to ramp riot this year. Also Project Silly Glasses is amazing to see in person, Ogre and our programming committee have been working hard(or is it hardly working??) to get them up and running, I got to be a guinea pig yesterday during testing and they definately are a nice tool to have available to the team.

nice banners