pic: Success!!!

We finally found 4 Orbit Balls at a Walmart about 45 minutes away after 6 hours of searching at 6 Walmart’s, 2 Toys “R” Us, 1 Target, 1 Toy Box, 1 KB Toys, 1 Pet’s Mart, 1 Sears, 5 different malls, numerous internet searches and an hour of getting lost. Good times

congrats! It seems all my local teams wiped the stores clean. I’m on hold with a Kmart 45 min away. I hope that resupply shipments come soon!

Gratz! Even got the right colors!!!

we now have 18 balls after searching all day

whats the brand name of the Orbit Balls?

Blip toys

We got one semi-broken one after one of our mentors took her time during our meeting to go search for us. We’re hoping restock comes soon, or the managers can put in an order for us.

We went to every Wall mart within a hundred mile radius. Our mentor did about 400 miles that day. We called other Wall marts. The supplier of the balls, the manufacturer of the balls, and only got 13. We found out that the balls were discontinued until spring next year because they are summer toys, and its winter.

I feel your pain! I went to a variety of stores before realizing only Walmart sold them around here. Upon arriving at a local Walmart store, I was unable to find any game pieces.
While making my way back through the aisles to leave, I stumbled across a piece in the middle of the furniture aisle!
Needless to say, I had to take a picture…