pic: super bimba ultra

we’ll be using this to power our robot’s er… arm?
its next to a 10" bimba, just to give you an idea of the scale. It was custom made for us, and not available to all teams (i.e. we can’t make one for you) there aren’t many more specs… but you can bet this’ll make anything move.

If its a custom cylinder, its not allowed. Check the pneumatics manual for clarification.

to me, it looks like a huge pipe for their arm, not a cylinder.

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For some reason every year we keep ordering 2" X 24" bimba cylinders. Then we compare them to our air supply tanks and realize that they will empty us out. So we have plenty of brand spanking new huge cylinders laying around.

let me tell you this thing is sweet. :stuck_out_tongue: too bad not everyone gets one.

you really want to use that?..we used a massive cylinder…2"x 24"…i think like that our rookie year and it sucked…it took forever to fill up and was still majorly heavy…

just warning you

how much air does it take

See rule R89

<R89> In addition to the pneumatic cylinders provided in the Kit Of Parts and the “free” pneumatic
cylinders available for order through the Free Pneumatic Components Order Form,
additional air cylinders or rotary actuators may be used. **All cylinders, regardless of source,
must be identical to those listed on the Free Pneumatic Components Order Form (e.g. same
part numbers). **Any additional air cylinders must source from Bimba or Parker Hannifin, or
be recovered from prior year FIRST Kit Of Parts.

The emphasis above is mine.

Here is the free order form: http://www.bimba.com/FirstFree.aspx

Note that the largest cylinder you can purchase is 24" stroke 2" bore.

Protip: That’s not a pneumatic cylinder.

I was thinking that logo looked a little photoshopped…

I’m guessing that is their arm.

I’m not that good at photoshop, and I wouldn’t waste my time with that. And it isn’t the arm, but it helps power the arm. Hence the “Super bimba ultra”

Umm i see some problems with the picture…

  1. it is photo-shopped
  2. its illeagal to use in the game
  3. it would use too much air

one can tell that the logo is fake, because there is no trademark symbol on the logo in the upper right corner after the word bimba

my feeling is it is just a pipe

I zoomed way in on the picture- it looked pretty real. Either it’s real, or it’s a REALLY good photoshopping job.

If you look at the picture in full scale you can see the letters and “logo” are actually raised off the surface of the object. This makes it appear to either be vinyl stickers or a paint. From how uniform each letter looks and how straight the arcs are, they made it with stickers.
Now my only problem [as an inspector] is even though in person this may not appear to be a pneumatic cylinder, since you have put Bimba on it, you are asking for issues during inspections.

Any inspector worth his salt should be able to verify pretty quickly that there aren’t even any places to connect air to it, and an inspector with even a marginal sense of humor will find that logo to be pretty cute.

Wait, arcs are straight!!! Everything I thought I knew about math- GONE!!! FOREVER!!! AHH!!!:ahh: :eek: :ahh: :eek:


my guess is its a pipe that contains their springs, ya know for safetys sake