pic: Super Brandon

Super Brandon…oh well…i put up a picture a while ago about Brandon’s Awesomeness, and i was like…Brandon is like a website Superman, Photoshopping the superman colors to CD colors was quite annoying while trying to get the shading in, but it came out alright, the only thing i was dissapointed with is the CD on his chest, it didnt come out as i had expected it to…oh well, have fun, any critique is appreciated.

Hahaha!!! Thats so awesome!!! I think the CD came out fine! Good job with the blending!

…yea…lets just say i was bored out of my mind, and procrastinating studying for finals :stuck_out_tongue:

|B|R|A|N|D|O|N|'S| |A|W|E|S|O|M|E|N|E|S|S| My Anti-Study :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway…ill go try studying again…but seriously the history of europe is not as interesting as the history of FIRST and CD :smiley:

dang. that looks like you should make a comic… actually that could be a pretty awesome fundraiser…

Saving Off-Season Sanity!

well actually if i am bored this summer, i think i will make a digital one and put it up on CD…it will have Andy Baker,and Brandon Martus as its main characters…i think i will call them the Kamen broth…err on second thought, thats already been claimed by some extremely handsome looking gentleman in a band :wink: :smiley: