pic: Sure it was just a practice match but wowza.


With all the great cappers in Galileo someone was bound to get close to filling the rack, there were only 3 tubes left on the field for the red to play.

It was pretty fun to watch.

I remember seeing 341, 1902 and 540 and thinking to myself, " this is going to be a good one"… I didn’t expect it to be that much though.

Guess who got to enter most of those game pieces into the PDA… :wink: It was a lot of work!

that was such a sweet match for 540 … i think that was the match we did burnouts in the home zone in the last like 5 seconds

That was an amazin alliance and each of the members were able to do their best.

we should have put this thread up before the alliance pickings; maybe someone would have considered us

Don’t forget Galileo Qualification 98, which had 21 tubes scored. And guess what… 540 was in that one too! :rolleyes:

I was really hoping to see something like this on Einstein this year, I was also hoping to see the rack completely full and the full use of spoilers.

hehe yeah, its too bad we don’t have video of this match because if I remember correctly most of that was done in the first minute or so.

I know that 1902 was sitting in the home zone for about 20-30 seconds tho.

Just out of curiousity… where we the last 4 red ringers? on the far wall or at the HP station?

The far wall.

That was a really fun practice match because we finally were able to get 2 keepers scored after trying with a few other teams throughout the season.