pic: Suspension

independent 4 wheel Suspension

I’m intrigued to find out how this works out.

Nice idea.

I suggest that you move the springs to the top. Less chance of hitting something on the floor.

it looks high enough that the bumpers will protect the springs… the bottom of the springs move with the wheel so they never will hit the ground.

im curious also on how your suspension works, I understand the mechanics of what is shown, but is the gearbox side (the inner side) also on a suspension system too? it seems like if it wasn’t, your design would create unwanted vertical tension on your axle. but I could (and probably am) be wrong.

In short yes there are springs on either side of the wheel. And It was discussed if the springs should be put on top or bottom and it was decided that because it would be better to be on bottom (easier to see and less in the way of any possible sub-system)

Have you guys had a chance to test this? I’d love to know if this great idea works.

What prevents binding? Metal on metal contact of that type doesn’t tend to slide very well. Are there some delrin inserts or something else we don’t see?

This was used on our competition robot last year. It does work quite well and was quite easy to implement. On this version there were no friction reducing bushings used because there was relatively little friction between the steel and aluminum. If it were to be used on more uneven terrain then we would probably use some sort of bearing to reduce friction.

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