pic: Swampthing's Grin and eating utensil

Hungary for tetras

very nicely done, what exactly is the black portion of the frame made out of? It seems to have held up to a bit of damage very well.

(also, congratulations on taking the championships in florida!)

Not only is that thing great looking, it is a strong competitor too! Great job guys!!! Congratulations on the victory!!!

GO 1403!!!

Looked like sheet metal to me in person.

I loved your bot this year.

Also, Tytus, you need some sleep man, you looked tired sitting on the robot after the final match. :wink:

dude? they webcast’ed that?

Misspelling in the title reminds me of this shirt one of my friends wore during thanksgiving.

**what ****utensil? i had to ask my mom how to spell it

Yeah, man, you yawned SO BIG!

one thing i have noticed a lot is the FL teams use a lot of PVC for arms. what a great idea, light weight and durable plus easily replaceable and to manufacture.

Bty: where are the arcives of the finals. i can’t find them anywhere

I am crossing my finger and saying that they should be up on soap sometime soon (so I was told).