pic: Swampy Goal

our setup with our mural.

Stay tuned for The Swamp Scrimmage PRE-SHIP Saturday February 11. Email Me at Tytusg@gmail.com for details

Isn’t Febuary 11th a bit late? I mean, ship is only 10 days after that :rolleyes:

Looks nice.

…although if that TV cart is supposed to be a teaser, I think you have a height violation.

I wonder what sound effect you get when you get a 3 pointer?

Nice job 179, keep up the great work.

Dude, that goal is awesome!! =]

BTW seeing as how I was watching American Idol last night, I noticed one guy that seemed to remind me of Tytus. He was jumping around and all that stuff, it was funny. When I saw it, I thought it’s the driver for swamp thing =]

ya the tv is a teaser its going to broadcast a green screen and distract the oponents

Hah yeah I saw that guy on American Idol too. Thoughts of tytus at competition ran through my head. Best part about it is he got through to hollywood.

Feb. 11th eh? that just may not conflict with the robot ruckus this year (assuming we have one). I’ll see what I can do about making it down to the event. So how many more days until the field is all green like other years?