pic: Swamthing 2k9 during the Elims in Florida

This is just about the only decent picture i got of our robot. Hopefully someone got some action shots that they will post eventually. And I apologize, I just couldn’t resist putting a caption in there…

I really hope some one got the 179/1345 twin dump, that was so awesome!

1557 has it on video…it might take some time to get it online though…

I see Ed! :slight_smile:

Nice looking robot I might add!

You guys were awesome at the Florida Regional! Great Job!

Great machine yet again from 179. Comes with a excellent driver also. Congrats on the win again guys. Also I just call pinks robot the lama it fits the outline shape of the robot perfectly.

…and we thought we “wrassled” that 179 “Thing” pretty well at the “Swamp Thing” scrimmage, but, dang, if Dan didn’t pick great partners and win it all at UCF!

The 79, 744, 1251 alliance was no slouch either. We figured our best bet in the quarter’s was to pin Krunch. It was close in the 1st match, but 79 proved way to slippery for us in the 2nd.

The Florida regional was fun, as always. How far we’ve come since the days of the pit in the tents!

I honestly rubbed my eyes because at that moment my brain was unable to comprehend what just happened.

Our team is getting together tonight to watch videos different people on the team made. I’ll try and get a copy and post that if it’s in there. But from our angle it was incredible, we all said “COOOL” as it happend. I guess there won’t be Blue Alliance videos of Florida posted this year?

Half the Florida videos are up on SOAP, I would guess the other half will be coming eventually.

Could you post a link to SOAP please?


team pink gave spam a team sprit! award lol they probably ran out of room to put spirit

I presume you’re refering to the spelling error. We apologize.
I hope you take it as a humorous mistake and not an insult.