pic: SWAT 2008 Robot--Short Video Clip at http://smithvillehighrobotics.com/video.htm

If you have any question’s about anything just ask.
On the video link click on the 2nd Video and at the end there is a short clip of the Bot in action.

nice looking bot, but your video link leads to the 2007 video? A lot of people are using roller claws and yours looks pretty good

Good luck!

2nd video from the top is the '08 build season (scroll down a bit). The top video is the '07 bot.

Link I’m using:


This robot should win a lot of matches, I really really like its simplicity.

I’m calling 476, 2165, and 1806 to all be in the final match of the Oklahoma regional, but not on the same alliance.

I also see 935 and 1806 to be in the Final match of the Kansas City Regional. Possible joiners in the match are 476, 1448, and/or 1775.

Best of luck, see you in Oklahoma.

That’s a nice prediction Barry. I still have your Business Card that you gave to me last year at the Kansas City Regional. Does 2165 have any pictures of there robot up anywhere.