pic: Swerve Concept - Quarter Section

Here’s a quarter section showing some of the inner detail. (I had to put a matte finish on most of the parts. I started with a polished finish and it was like looking into a house of mirrors.)

Out of curiosity how long did it take you to Model this concept?

It looks absolutely wonderful and I would love to see this concept fabricated.

This reminds me of this year’s 1717 swerve module, in a slightly different package.

Also, what ratios are you using? Where are the encoders? What diameter wheels?

It’s been a while since I messed around with this. There is another thread that has more info.


Extra http:// at the end of that url.

Nothing short of beautiful. Great job!

Great CAD and props for attempting a two speed crab drive. Only feedback I have for you from somebody that has competed successfully with a swerve robot is that I don’t see any sensors included. Good steering sensors are a must.

My interest in this exercise was really just the mechanical side of things. It’s unlikely we’d actually build it so I didn’t bother with sensors.