pic: Swerve Drive Can SolidWorks Concept (cheap version)

Similar to “Swerve Drive Can SolidWorks Concept”, but much cheaper and easy to build. I would much rather build this, as it would be much less taxing to the team.

This is also a 3" wheel, although the miter gears are larger so that the wheel can ride higher in the pod without running into them. The can exterior (this is the good part) is 3x4 aluminum extrusion with 1/4" wall thickness. It has a little bit of a fourth wall on either side of the wheel for rigidity.

Note that a thrust bearing would sit in between this pod and the chassis, and that a sprocket or pulley would be mounted on the top face for turning. If anyone has any comments about those tentative details, please post away.

Again, comments, questions, etc are greatly appreciated. Will this work? How can it be improved? I’m posting this for feedback, not for glory :slight_smile:

How heavy is it?

You might consider placing some standoffs between the two walls of the tubing to prevent them from moving in relation to each other.

According to SolidWorks, it weighs 1.3 lbs or so.

As for standoffs, there will be spacers between everything, at least on the wheel shaft.

I could also put some bolts through with spacers as well, as you suggest. A good point :slight_smile: thanks.

Looks Great, Nice Design. You may want to support the bottom of the Module with a lazy susan or with a circular piece of plastic.

Also, why not use Hex Shafts, you woudn’t have to worry about keys :wink:


Modules themselves look fine, but that weight can be reduced by facing that wheel on a lathe a bit more or with a COTS wheel from AndyMark. The wheel looks like a beefy part of that weight.

It would be more taxing on the team, but based on what I’ve heard I would recommend tapping the ends of the live axles and putting a bolt in them rather than using a c-clip.

Also, to prevent racking you could make this out of 3" box extrusion and make it a little longer at the bottom. That way you could have at least 1/4" wide strips running between the sides at the bottom. The aluminum already turns in at the bottom, so making it longer and cutting a hole (rather than a whole slot) for the wheel would easily allow you to do this.

It looks like they’re using snap rings not c-clips.

I would highly reccomend snap rings so long as you have the ability to make the groove the correct size. Nothing beats their ease of use.