pic: Swerve protoype finished just on time

this is the swerve drive created 3 speed coaxial currently with nylon tiedown strap to rotate thats been replaced with steel cable and for a competition version it will be chain. but driving it is amazing its fast and insanely maneuverable

Very Very nice! :smiley: I love swerve drive, and that looks like a very well implemented system. I would love to know what the weight is (even though it is a prototype). In my books swerve kicks the pants off omni drive systems systems. But the weight issue always scares me away…

Looks very good!

A couple questions…

  1. How much does it weigh?
  2. Coaxial?
  3. What’s the final speed?

the total (uncheeseholed) and unlightened drivetrain weighs 69 lbs i think i could get it down to 60 and that would leave 60lbs for auxilary whatever this weight includes all electronics 4 cims and 1 van door motor
speeds 3,7.5,12.5 those are close theoretical speeds. and yes it is coaxial its the finished product of the pic “frame for monster”

The cad of this drive train is found here.

Impressive. I had a similar plan for a 3 speed drive. Not coaxial though. The weight sounds pretty scary. Is there anything excessive on there?

Any chance of a closeup of a module?

What wheels did you use?

Can we get a side view?

How well does it work under water?

how well does it work under water??? LOL…
But i really like the design… Have you decided on making it only crab drive, or are you going to add an extra steering motor to give it coaxial steering?

since each wheel has its own drive motor and 1 steers all of them we just point the wheels towards the long side of the bot and tanksteer.

so is this your actual drive splatofrm for this year? or did you make some mods while buiulding this years model?

we took this design and then made some modifications such as a fischer price for steering rather than the vandoor and the cim/dewalt combos went vertical above the module rather than off to the side eliminating 4 chains taking it from 9 to 5. we just adjusted stuff for our arm and lifts.