pic: Swerve, round 2.



After our not-so fruitful attempt at 3D printed swerve, here’s our attempt at a “no-compromises” swerve that we could potentially use in 2019. It’s a typical bevel beside wheel swerve, and it’s geared 5.33:1 with a 4" BaneBots Colson wheel. This results in approximately 17.44 ft s^-1 free speed. The steering is done via a 81:1 BAG motor on a Versa Lite, which I hope is sufficient for the task. There is an absolute encoder, the TT 6127, which is geared 1:1 to the steering module. On the other hand, the speed encoder (Greyhill 63R) is geared 1:1 to the CIM output shaft via a GT2 2mm pitch 3mm width belt.

If you have any questions, please let me know!


Looks nice!
I would warn you about using the VP Lites. We ran them on our intake this season, geared 20:1 w/ 775 Pro. They worked all the way through both district events, all of state, and during our practice match before FiMSteins, they randomly just blew apart essentially when intaking. There was no video to actually go back and look at what happened but it didnt appear from my angle (technician) that it was hit by a cube. Luckily we had a 2 hours delay to replace the gearbox with a spare, but I regret not just buying additional VPs in aluminum at the beginning of the season.


I like it (and I really like bevel-beside-wheel swerve in general) - is there a CAD available somewhere?

Also, with the gears for the absolute encoder - what do they look like? 3D printed?


The absolute encoder gears are 3D printed out of Nylon 910.

I’m going to be cleaning up the CAD over the next few days, and I’ll post the link in here when it’s ready.