pic: T.B.A - 4481 - 2015 Bot (Team Rembrandts)

CAD isn’t the entire robot, or maybe it is… hmmm we’ll see next week

Good luck everyone :slight_smile:

Curious… we’ll be posting stuff on FB regularly this weekend… You can follow us over there.

Looking good guys, we will see you in VA.

Looks super neat and cool guys. Can’t wait to see what it actually looks like in 11 days.:smiley:

Can’t wait to see you guys in Virginia! It will be a really fun competition!

I really like the chassis design. Are you water jetting it?

Thanks all! See you in VA :slight_smile:

It is lasered aluminium, 2mm thick.

That’s a nice design you got there! We just finished our CAD about a week ago (no reference to a song intended.)

almost time to stop build season… ENJOY THE CRUNCH!:yikes: :cool:

Who says they haven’t started building?

Working ‘on schedule’