pic: T-Shirt Cannon

UT-Shirt cannon developed by students over the summer. The robot was built and unveiled in October. Video can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SpEfaHwq44s

Why do you have it on an AM 2010 lift kit? Wouldn’t this give you a High GC, especially with that giant turret and scuba tank?

Nicely done! Very cool loading mechanism.

The wheels are unpowered. It’s a stationary robot with a built in cart, basically.

Uh. Not true. It has a full electronics setup and drive chassis. Here is a picture…


Sorry, I didn’t see the Toughboxes in the picture. I feel a little bit stupid.

Did you guys figure out how to feed t-shirts automatically? It looks like it’s all set up for a belt of cartridges…

What software did you render this with?

We are still in the process of programming the cannon (might have to be Put on hold for a few months). Yes it is belt fed. And we used solidworks