pic: T3's New Tool: The Mathe Lill!

Is this a Mathe or a Lill? You decide!

Or 4th axis :stuck_out_tongue:

Currently it looks like a mill with a rotary indexing table on it, actually. You guys hobbing custom gears or something?

My lack of confusion is likely because I’ve actually setup and programmed a custom CNC machine tool that’s an actual mill/lathe combo. It’s a lathe with a fairly slow rotating chuck and a high speed rotary spindle where the tool holder would normally be. So milling round parts instead of cutting them with stationary tools.

Unsure if you guys are just playing around or not, but we actually did this today w/ a CNC 4th (on a manual mill).

We rough turned some shafts, and cut gear teeth onto them as well. It was a fun day for the champion who made these guys.

My team has a set up like that we use it for making gears. Does your team do the same?

AKA: A Dividing Head

You can also get a lathe with a mill… :smiley:

What you have is just a Mill. :slight_smile: