pic: Tablet Strategizing

Might consider using a tablet to draw strategies instead of markers. This way, we can save our strategies from each match so we can refer back to them.

What is the app that you are using?

It’s called iAnnotate PDF. It’s an android app for annotating notes and documents. We already develop scouting apps for android as a team, so I think we can make an app specificly for drawing FRC strategies. I just got the idea last night, and I want to suggest it to our lead android programmer.

We have been using Penultimate, which integrates into Evernote, for several years. I keep notes, pictures, sketches, etc… in a Evernote/Penultimate notebook for each competition.

Like what you are using, it allows me to import a picture, in this case the field drawing, as the background image, where I do match strategy.

Yup, anyone with a touch screen device and a PDF annotator app can do this also.
Most people own or know someone who owns something like a smart phone or a tablet, so this is a good option for pretty much all teams.