pic: TALEN-A Talon SRX breakout board top view

The Bit buckets #4183 didn’t like the breakout board options for the Talon SRX, so we made our own. It uses the AMT103 encoder pinout and connector, and uses standard PWM cables for the analog input and limit switches.

Very nice. Why did you go with male pins on the board? I always worry about swarf shorting the pins out.

Do you put this on all your SRX devices so they are all the same?

That’s the problem with building a plywood robot… you don’t think about swarf shorting things.

I chose the same male PWM connectors that are on the roboRIO, because they are the standard connectors that every team already has dozens of cables to fit. The encoder connectors take the same plug on both ends of the cable, so you only have to buy one type of plug for the cables.

The board can be populated with any 0.1" pitch connectors you like.

Good point, but here on the East Coast we call plywood swarf “saw dust”:rolleyes: but I saw what you did there…

Makes good sense, thanks for the thought process behind the design.