pic: TALON 540 2015 Reveal - TALON 8.0

TALON 540 Godwin FIRST Robotics is proud to present our 2015 robot, TALON 8.0! We plan to compete at the 2015 Virginia Regional at Virginia Commonwealth University. The robot shown here will have some minor modifications when comes time for competition, including some changes to the gripper and the addition of logos and numbers.

Looking good! The LEDs on the inside rail look nice.

What are you doing with the dual cameras?

We were planning on using the Oculus rift to give the button-man a better view of the totes and stacks. However with the recent Q&A that Oculus Rifts are not allowed, we are looking at possibly using something FIRST approved in its place.

Nice Bot! Especially love that unicorn drawing on the lexan. Can’t wait to see you guys at the VA Regional!

It is actually a Narwhal. Our pneumatics lead loves his Narwhals.

Looking GOOD! It was great having a few of our fellow Henrico County folks around the shop this year. Don’t be strangers.

Thank you. It was fun spending a day with 1086. Thank you for having us and we look forward to seeing y’all at Regionals!